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TMJ Exercises You Should Try

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your lower jaw to your skull. Pain in this area can cause symptoms such as tinnitus or difficulty in chewing. To find relief, try the following exercises:

Goldfish exercises
Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and one finger in front of your ear where your TMJ is located. Put your middle or pointer finger on your chin. Drop your lower jaw halfway and then close. There should be mild resistance but not pain. A variation of this exercise is to place one finger on each TMJ as you drop your lower jaw halfway and closed again. Do this exercise six times in one set. You should do one set six times daily. Source: Healthline

Relaxation exercises
TMJ pain is often the product of tension-producing stress. Simple relaxation exercises can help.

Here are two relaxation exercises:

  1. Slowly inhale, allowing your stomach rather than your chest to expand. Exhale slowly while making your exhalation last about as long as your inhalation. Repeat 5-10 times.
  2. While sitting or lying in a comfortably supported position, tense and release tension from each muscle in your body. Begin with the feet and work upwards to the head.

This second exercise is a progressive relaxation exercise to help people become more aware of areas of tension. It may also equip them with the skills to consciously release that tension. Source: MedicalNewsToday

Chin Tuck
The chin tuck is perfect for reducing the amount of chronic pain an individual has to deal with.

This will correct improper head placement as a result of poor posture. First, find a mirror.

Let your arms rest at your sides. Make sure your back is straight. Begin by moving your chin forward without bending your head. Use your fingers to move your chin back into place. If anything other than your chin and neck are moving, try again.

You shouldn’t feel any pain during this exercise. Source: HealthAmbition

Don’t let the pain caused by a TMJ disorder affect your day-to-day activities. We can help you out! Call us to book an appointment.


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