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Effects of Poor Posture

Chiropractors advise that maintaining proper posture is important. Not only because it makes us look better compared to when we’re slouching, but also because having bad posture can cause unhealthy side effects. Take a look at the following to find out why sitting and standing with proper posture is the way to go.

Sub-optimal digestion power
Back postures like slouching affects the both the physical looks and the internal organs like intestine and stomach. Sitting or standing continuously in a slightly bent position compresses the internal organs slowing down the digestion process. In the long run, the digestive system disorders become prominent. Thus bad postures could affect metabolism which in turn affects the absorption and assimilation of food. Moreover, people who slouch end up having a paunch or pot belly look too. Source: Stylenrich

Sore muscles
The most common effect of poor posture are sore muscles. As you slouch, the muscles have to work harder to keep the spine stabilized and protected. The extra work on these muscles can cause muscle tightness and fatigue. This can lead to chronic issues with tight and sore muscles from the neck all the way down to the lower back. Two major muscle groups that bare the brunt of these issues are the flexors and extensors of the trunk, which allow you to bend forward and lift objects. Source: Livestrong

Stresses you out
A recent study from Harvard showed that when people who adopted powerful postures (open shoulders and straight spines) had a 20% increase in testosterone levels and a 25% decrease in cortisol levels—but people who slouched had a 10% decrease in testosterone and a 15% increase in cortisol. That translates into low self-confidence and high stress. And sitting slouched over can compound the problem, says Krucoff. “Shallow chest breathing strains the lungs, which must move faster to ensure adequate oxygen flow, and taxes the heart, which is forced to speed up to provide enough blood for oxygen transport. The result is a vicious cycle, where stress prompts shallow breathing, which in turn creates more stress,” she says. Source:  Prevention

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