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4 Tips on Avoiding Skiing Injuries

One of the reasons we love winter so much is because we get to enjoy some outdoor recreational activities that are exclusive to this season. Unlike other sports that require some expertise before you can have fun, beginners will find it easier to pick up skiing. But before you ski down those slopes, here are some tips you should remember:

Observe safety precautions
Plastered around all ski resorts, and sometimes printed on the back of your lift ticket, are simple, common-sense rules to follow when on the mountain. For example, ski in control so you are able to stop and dodge others; give people downhill the right of way; look up before you merge onto a trail; and never rest in a blind spot for other skiers. Follow these rules, and you’ll have a better chance of not getting hurt. Source: MensFitness

Know the proper way to fall
Most knee injuries happen when the body stiffens up, scrambling to autocorrect and regain composure. But at some point in the fall, a skier will have to accept defeat and take it with grace. Tuck the chin, loosen the body, draw in your limbs, and go with the flow of the fall. A loose body is less likely to be injured. Source: GearJunkie

Make sure your equipment fits and is in good shape
The majority of injuries are a result of poorly kept bindings, old skis, and simply not knowing how to use the equipment.

If you’re borrowing a friend’s ski equipment, go to a ski shop and ask a professional to check everything out for you. Test out a few different slopes so you can get the hang of your equipment. Source: YellowPages

Warm up and cool down
In the morning, stretch your major muscle areas and warm up however works best for you. It may be with a five-minute walk or light jog in the parking lot. Take it easy in the first few runs.

By the end of the day, you should cool down by doing a few easy runs or walking around for 10 minutes. Drink lots of water and stretch while they are still warm to reduce stiff muscles through lactic acid buildup. Source: TheAdventureJunkies

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