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4 Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

It’s no secret how many benefits exercising can give to your body. However, it can also pose a threat when done wrong. Check the following mistakes and see if you have been doing any of them:

Doing the Wrong Type of Workout
Where did you learn your current exercise routine? By watching others at the gym (who may be exercising incorrectly)? From your friends, coworkers, the web, TV, the newspaper, the latest research findings, or perhaps your 5th-grade gym teacher? What you’re doing for exercise directly determines the results you will get.

To learn what you should do, there’s no better place to start than by writing down your goals and then working with a professional trainer to design the right workout to meet those goals. Source: VeryWell

Not Changing Your Exercise Routine Often Enough
Are you on the same exercise routine since the last few months? This can soon cause boredom and since the body is used to these exercises, the workout isn’t helping you much. Change the routine every few weeks and add more sets or exercises. You can also maintain a workout log to check what works for your body. Source: TheHealthSite

Forgetting to Breathe
This one sounds so simple, but it’s actually so often done. Don’t get so into your workout that you hold your breath as you move through your routine. Start each movement with a centering breath and rhythm and hold that focus throughout the entire exercise. This will provide you more oxygen for better performance. Source: FitnessRepublic

Giving Your Abs a Free Ride
Many people do crunches or abdominal machine workouts without ever toning their abdomens. The problem is that they’re using the upper torso, neck, and head to do the work.

“Do mindful exercise,” says Pillarella. “The contraction should be from the ribcage to the hip bone. Put your mind into the muscles that are working, and keep all the other muscles quiet.” Source: WebMD

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