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3 Ways to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

Working 40 hours a week inside the office forces us to stay sedentary for too long. Maintain a healthy lifestyle despite having to sit at work all day long by following these great tips:

Use an adjustable desk
By using a desk that adjusts between standing and sitting, you can eliminate some of those deadly sitting hours, but still relax when you need it.

“It’s best to work at a standing desk and take time to go to the gym at the end of the day or on a long walk or jog during your lunch hour,” says John Brubaker, a productivity coach in Maine. “You need to be present with whatever physical activity you’re doing.”

Along with keeping you active, the standing desk can help you with your concentration. According to ADHD and ADD strategist and productivity coach Susan Lasky, movement is critical for those who have issues with focusing.

“While many people with ADHD are highly active and are natural candidates for a standing desk, there are others who are not as physically active and might not gravitate towards a standing desk, but would probably benefit from having one,” Lasky says. Source: BusinessInsider

Arrange your office for movement
Rather than clump everything in your office into a single area, within an arm’s reach, spread it out. This will encourage movement throughout the day that will add up and also help create a more open office layout so you have room for our other suggestions. Source: GottaBeMobile

Not your office floors, that is. Powell explains, “Seated vacuums are an incredible exercise to tighten your core and improve posture that can be done at your desk. Sit up straight, then simply inhale to inflate your lungs completely. Exhale all of the air out, and at the bottom of the exhale, draw your belly button in and upward toward your spine. Squeeze and hold that position for as long as you can. Aim for 20-second sets to begin, working up to one-minute sets over time. Perform 10 vacuums in a row when you feel a lull in your day.” Source: Byrdie

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