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3 Ways to Avoid Injury When Walking on Ice

Without the knowledge on how to keep yourself safe during the winter, you’ll be vulnerable to accidents caused by slipping and falling on ice. Don’t let it happen to you by following these simple tips:

Wear proper shoes
Nothing is worse than wearing footwear without grip while walking in the snow. It will send you sliding in no time. Instead, pick sneakers or boots that have lots of traction. If the soles have treads with deep grooves then they are less likely to slip when you take a step. Source: WikiHow

Do the “Shuffle”
If there’s no other choice but to walk on that ice or snow, shuffle rather than stride. That means take baby steps. “Move your feet apart a little bit, just a few inches, and bend the knees a little as you walk,” Greisamer said. “You’ll be a lot more stable and have better balance.” Source: LiveScience

Know how to break your fall
If you feel like you’re falling more to the side and not as straight forward, then definitely do not reach out with an extended arm. This is how people break their clavicle (collarbone) all the time. It’s a good way to break your wrist, too. Ideally, you lightly touch with your hand and then quickly tuck that arm under you – way under your body – and roll to the back of your shoulder. So you’ll either roll some or land on your back.

If you fall backward, which is most common on ice, the first thing to do if you only do one thing is tuck your chin and keep your head up. This requires some neck strength. Strengthen your neck by lying on the ground, lifting your head, and holding it there for twenty to thirty seconds at a time. Also, as you fall backward, you will want to slap both your hands and forearms to the ground to help dissipate the shock of the impact – palms down and forearms flat. Your shoulders should stay off the ground, too, along with your neck and head. Source: BreakingMuscle

Suffering from back pain due to a fall? Or maybe you want to improve your balance to stay away from these kinds of accidents? Book a chiropractic appointment at our North Vancouver office today!


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