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3 Ways to Avoid Falling or Slipping on Ice

Walking is one of the first things we learn how to do as toddlers. But no matter how much time we’ve spent walking, we still need to learn how to do it safely during winter. The best way to ensure your safety is to know about the following tips:

Wear proper shoes
Nothing is worse than wearing footwear without grip while walking in the snow. It will send you sliding in no time. Instead, pick sneakers or boots that have lots of traction. If the soles have treads with deep grooves then they are less likely to slip when you take a step.

Avoid wearing unstable shoes or any sort of shoe with no tread while walking in the snow. Wearing sensible shoes in the snow will help you tremendously.

Of course, shoes designed to be worn in snow are probably the best choice. They should have great traction for snow, as well as usually being waterproof. Source: WikiHow

Don’t be in a hurry
Walking in snowy conditions is invigorating, but don’t expect to walk at your normal speed. At best, the layer of snow will make taking steps more difficult. More than likely, you’re going to encounter ice patches that are easy to slip on. If you are walking to get somewhere on a schedule, I would suggest allocating extra time to get there.  Source: HealDove

Be careful from dusk to mid-morning
When temperatures hover around freezing, there are daily melting and freezing cycles. Snow and ice melt during the day and the slush and water freeze overnight or whenever the temperature drops. Again, clear the slush before it re-freezes. But pay attention at times when the ice has reformed and visibility is poor. Depending on your mobility, it may be a good idea to avoid walking outside at night and in the early morning. Source: TheGlobeAndMail

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