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3 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain While Gardening

Gardening is an activity that appeals to people of all ages. However, due to the types of actions tending to a garden requires, back and knee pain is prevalent among those who enjoy this hobby. Find out how you can avoid physical injury by reading these tips:

Warm up
Take 5 to 10 minutes to loosen up your muscles and get your blood flowing. “Muscles work better and are less prone to injuries when they are warm,” explains Dr. Boline. She recommends warming up by walking around your garden a few times and stretching before you begin gardening. Start your stretches by clasping your fingers together and lifting your hands high above your head and then down to your toes. Lift your hands out to shoulder-height and then twist your torso from side to side, keeping your knees slightly bent and feet apart.

“A really good thing to do is to slowly do what you’re going to be doing in the garden before you do it. So, if you’re going to rake mulch, practice raking on each side of your body without actually touching the mulch,” advises Dr. Boline. Simple stretches like these will help you to warm up your muscles and lubricate your joints. Once you get started, you might also want to use a heating pad on your back to keep your body warmed up and less prone to injury while gardening. Source: Networx

Try the no-dig method
The no-dig method of gardening involves spreading manure or compost and fertiliser over the surface of a flowerbed. It’s ideal for gardeners with bad backs or those who want to grow vegetables but can’t face the thought of all that double digging (digging to twice the depth of a spade). Many gardeners argue that the no-dig method is better for the soil because it doesn’t disturb the soil structure. Although it initially involves digging over the soil to remove perennial weeds and levelling the soil, the following years are much easier. Source: BBC

Don’t ignore the pain
Listen to your body. Professional athletes get paid to play with pain. But you garden because it’s fun (remind yourself of that next time you are struggling to pull an especially resistant weed). When you are hurting, your body is sending you a message to back off. Pay attention, and you can count on completing your to-do list this season, and for years to come. Source: Prevention

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