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3 Tips for Avoiding Sport Injuries

Keep yourself from getting hurt while playing your favourite sports by following these tips below:

Start Slow
When starting a new sport or form of exercise, always ensure that you start slowly and gradually increase the intensity, frequency and duration of the activity.

For example, it is common when people take up running to start with running as far as they can manage, as fast as they can and increasing this very quickly. This is a mistake and often leads to overuse injuries such as shin splints. Instead, training should start gently with walk/jog sessions and plenty of recovery time. As a general rule of thumb, distance (or time) should not increase by more than 10% a week.

The same applies to all sports. Playing a full football match for example, without training and previous match experience, will predispose the individual to injuries, as fatigue is a common contributor to injury. Source: Lists.AskTheTrainer

Cultivate Coordination
Many traumatic injuries are probably caused by a lack of coordination — an inability to sense and respond to traumatic forces, either from lack of developed skill or fatigue. Creating coordination takes practice at complex and specific tasks (working within genetic advantages and disadvantages). But you can make some progress simply challenging yourself with a wide variety of activity and sensations, and coordination can be improved. Again, mobilizations are your friend. Source: PainScience

Rest Up Between Training
Why you should rest after training?
The most undervalued component of a training programme, rest is essential to allow your body to recover from the demands of your activity and repair microscopic damage to the muscles and associated tissues that occur during exercise. If you neglect rest, damage will become cumulative, resulting in a weakened body that is more susceptible to injury or illness.

How often should you rest after training?
Include at least one total rest day in your training schedule each week — and rest doesn’t mean doing an alternative sport to your main activity! Also, after an event or race, take a few days off to recover, because the demands of competition on your body are greater than training — so you will need more recovery time. Source: RealBuzz

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