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3 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much

It’s true when they say that too much of anything is not good—even exercise. Check out the following symptoms to find out if you are suffering not because of an intense workout, but because of over-exercising.

Increase in resting heart rate 
Experienced athletes keep a close watch on their resting heart rate. Why? It’s a good measure of your aerobic fitness, Gaglione says. But even if you’re not a serious athlete, checking your resting heart rate first thing in the morning can help you avoid overdoing it at the gym. When you’re putting too much strain on your body and ticker, your resting heart rate will jump up dramatically, Gaglione says. Source: Shape

Fat gain
If you’ve lost weight but noticed an increase in body fat, you could be in the later stages of exercise overload. The body responds to prolonged stress by elevating levels of stress hormones, including cortisol, Stenstrup says. Over time this will lead to increased storage of adipose tissue, as well as inhibit steroid-like hormones that normally help increase muscle. A decrease in muscle mass can cause you to shed a few pounds, but this isn’t a good thing since it means your body’s less efficient at burning fat. Source: Health.USNews

Persistent soreness
There is a difference between struggling to climb the stairs home after a brutal workout and still feeling it three days later. If it seems recovery is taking longer than usual, your muscles are probably begging for a break. They say “no pain no gain,” but leaning into the soreness when feeling sluggish isn’t giving your muscles adequate time to rejuvenate and grow. If you are not content to lay on the couch, doing a few stretches and some light yoga might help with the soreness and circulation. Moves like cobra (or upwards dog) that stretch out your back or kneeling to stretch out your hip flexors can target those achy areas. Source: RD

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