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3 Low Impact Workouts to Try

People who suffer from damaged joints or are recovering from an injury can still remain active and fit by doing the following low impact exercises:

Even if you are overweight, have joint issues, or suffer from arthritis, you can still make a splash—and sneak in a weight-bearing exercise workout, too. You naturally lose muscle mass as you age. And less muscle means you burn fewer calories, causing the dreaded weight creep. Start at just 30 minutes, taking in slow laps, says Pire. Then make a game out of it: crawl in one direction, breaststroke back; or backstroke one way. Source: Prevention

Walking is a highly effective low-impact exercise. Leg muscles are among the largest of the body. Walking trains these muscles but does not impact the knees like running does. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular brisk walks can help maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your bones and improve balance. Turn a leisurely stroll into a useful workout by lengthening your stride and moving your arms. Take larger steps to cover more ground in less time. For an added benefit, keep the core muscles tight while walking. This provides a low-impact ab workout without straining the neck and back. Source: HealthyLivingAZCentral

Low Impact Cardio Machines
Low-impact cardio machines such as ellipticals and stair climbers can also provide you with tough workouts while preventing stress on the joints. The elliptical can be an effective alternative to walking or running. Many models offer arm poles that can engage the upper body as well. Ellipticals with pedals that move both forward and backward can provide a complete workout for your entire lower body. Stair climbers can provide a calorie-torching workout as well as resistance for the lower body muscles. Whether you choose a pedal-based model or a StepMill version, you can burn hundreds of calories while placing very little stress on the joints. Posture is key to the effectiveness of stair climbers. You must resist leaning against the hand rails during your workout to experience the full effectiveness of the machine. Source: LiveHealthy.Chron

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