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3 Common Causes of Injuries During Summer

Have non-stop fun under the sun without risking your safety. Remember all the following tips, so you can avoid injury while checking off all the enjoyable activities you’ve listed on your summer to-do list.

It’s a generic category, but it’s also the biggest one — from jungle gyms, to skateboarding accidents, to bare feet slipping on wet surfaces, to run-of-the-mill face-plants on the concrete, falling onto something hard is the traumatic event most likely to land a kid or an adult in the ER. Seniors are susceptible year-round, while adults climbing ladders are especially at risk in the summer.

“If you fall 30 feet or more, the chance of dying is about 50 percent,” Dr. Alarcon said. Over the past five years, falls have exceeded motor vehicle crashes as the top reason for a trauma hospitalization. Source: Post-Gazette

Sports-related injuries
It’s no surprise that people injure themselves more in the summer months where various sports teams are more active outdoors. Many of us love to get out with our friends and shoot some hoops, play in a softball league, or just toss the football around for exercise. This leads to more sprained ankles, knee injuries, and other problems.

Many sports injuries can be treated at home with the RICE method: rest, ice, compression, elevation. If a problem does not seem to be getting better or you worry that something may be broken, see a medical professional right away. Source: HealthyWay

Difficult workouts
You see a swimming pool, ball field or basketball court and forget it’s been a few years (or decades) since you donned your varsity jacket. “As we get older, most of us haven’t done enough to stay in shape, so we try to do things that our bodies aren’t used to.” says Dr. Wanich, “So basically, our bodies aren’t adequately prepared.”

Sidestep it: The most common injuries are knee sprains, since older, less flexible tendons are less able to tolerate impact and load. “Warm up adequately before attempting any exercise,” says Dr. Wanich. And don’t just stretch the body parts you’ll be using for a specific activity, like the shoulders if you’re throwing or quads if you’re running. “Every athletic movement involves the entire body,” he says. Source:  Prevention

If, unfortunately, you’ve had an accident while playing outside, that doesn’t mean that you’ll spend all summer in pain. Find relief from the pain when you make an appointment today!


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